32 Service Battalion - History

Our History

From 1901 to 1939, various Army Reserve units existed to provide service support, they consisted of 4 Company Canadian Army Service Corps (CASC) in Montreal, 5 Company Canadian Army Service Corps in Ottawa, 6 Company Canadian Army Service Corps in Sherbrooke, and in the Toronto region, 1 Detachment Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps (RCOC), 2 Divisional Train Canadian Army Service Corps, 3 Detachment Canadian Postal Corps, 2 Detachment Canadian Military Provost Corps District 2, and 7 Detachment Canadian Military Provost Corps District 7.

From 1939 to 1944, these Reserve units were relocated and amalgamated under 1 Corps into 1 and 2 Infantry Division, Royal Canadian Army Service Corps (RCASC). This included 1st Corps Troops Sub-Park RCOC, under 1 Division, 4 Infantry Brigade included 4 Transportation Company, 4 Infantry Brigade Workshop, 5 Infantry Brigade included 5 Transportation Company, and 6 Infantry Brigade included 6 Transportation Company. Under 2 Division, 5 Infantry Brigade included 5 Infantry Brigade Workshop, 25 Transport Company, 2 Division Ordnance Field Park, 2 Provost Company Canadian Provost Corps (C Pro C), 7 Provost Company C Pro C and 2 Intelligence Training Company.

Army Reorganization following World War II in 1947, saw 2 Infantry Division reorganized into 2 Armoured Division RCASC and later in 1954 to 5 Column RCASC consisted of 134, 135, 136 Transport Companies Royal Canadian Army Service Corps, 4 Ordnance Battalion Royal Canadian Ordnance Corps, 4 Technical Regiment Royal Canadian Electrical and Mechanical Engineers (RCEME), 2 Company C Pro C, 13 and 26 Medical Companies, the Pay, Dental, and Canadian Women’s Army Corps (CWAC).

On 1 January 1965, under the re-organization of the Canadian Forces, two Service Battalions were formed in the Toronto area, each taking elements from 5 Column RCASC: 4 Ordnance Battalion RCOC, 4 Technical Regiment RCEME, 2 Provost Company C Pro C, 13 and 26 Medical Companies, and elements of Pay, Dental, and the CWAC.

1st Toronto Service Battalion was lodged at the Denison Armoury in North York, the former home of 5 Column RCASC, under the command of LCol Bruce J. Legge. It consisted of 134 Company RCASC, 12 Ordnance Company, 45 Technical Squadron, and 2 Company C Pro C. 13 Medical Company was relocated to Owen Sound.

2 Toronto Service Battalion was originally lodged at Falaise Armoury, but moved to Moss Park Armoury when it first opened in 1966. Commanded by LCol Joe Hansen, the unit consisted of 136 Company RCASC, 13 Ordnance Company, 46 Technical Squadron, 7 Coy C Pro C, and 26 Medical Platoon RCAMC.

The two Toronto service battalions merged into a single unit on 1 Apr 1970 under command of LCol Reginald Lewis. The new “Toronto Militia Service Battalion” was composed of 134 Company RCASC, 13 Ordnance Company, 45 Technical Squadron, 2 Company C Pro C, 13 Medical Company RCAMC, added was 2 Canadian Intelligence training Company (C Int C).

The Toronto Militia Service Battalion was renamed to 25 (Toronto) Service Battalion in 1975. The traditional corps was replaced by a Branch system. Logistics Branch replaced RCASC, RCOC and RCAPC. Land Ordnance Engineering (LORE) replaced RCEME and was later renamed first to LEME then EME in 1984. Security replaced C Pro C and C Int C. Medical replaced RCAMC. On 31 December 1977, the Battalion Medical Platoon separated and formed 25 Field Ambulance under the Canadian Forces Medical Group, the Military Police component and 2 Int Coy separated on 2 October 2003, they formed 25 MP Platoon and 2 Int Coy as elements of Area Troops.

The Battalion Pipes and Drums started as an authorized, non-public funded band inherited from the Irish Regiment of Canada when it was removed from the order of battle in 1965 becoming part of 2 Toronto Service Battalion and later 25 (Toronto) Service Battalion. This band dissolved following the move to the new Denison Armoury and was later replaced by a Civilian Volunteer Band formerly the Scarborough Pipes and Drums. The Battalion March is “Cock of the North” and our Tartan is the Maple Leaf.

In March 1984, the Battalion received Royal approval for, and was presented with a Battalion Crest which featured the renowned Toronto landmark, Casa Loma as its center piece. In an effort to reduce the number of Service Battalions and align Service Battalions to their affiliated Canadian Brigade Groups, 25 (Toronto) Service Battalion was renamed to 32 Service Battalion on 1 April, 2010. The Battalion Motto is “SUPERBE MILITAIRE”. The battalion was provided with a new role and mandate to provide Combat Service Support (CSS) for Support, Domestic and Deployed Operations. On 13 December 2012, 32 Service Battalion formally became part of 32 Combat Brigade Group.

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