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34 Service Battalion (34 Svc Bn) is a Reserve unit in the Canadian Army. Its primary mandate is to provide the logistics services (supply, rations, weapon and vehicle maintenance, transportation, resource management, etc) required to support the combat units of 34 Canadian Brigade Group, so that they can remain operational and accomplish their missions.

The Reservists also pitch in during emergencies or national disasters and often participate in cultural and social activities in their communities, such as the media’s Christmas charity drive and other local events.

Our Reservists come from all walks of life. Among them are professionals, students, public servants, tradespeople, businesspeople, academics, and former Regular Force members. Their varied experience and expertise all contribute to the success of our mission. We are seeking your uniqueness, your know-how and your skills, because they are vital to our success. Join our winning team and discover your own strengths.

Our History

Although 34 Service Battalion was formed quite recently, in 1972, the elements from which it originated have a much longer history. The various units and trades in the Montreal area have a rich past that in some cases goes back as far as 1901.

In 1964, based on the recommendations of the Suttie Commission on the reorganization of the militia, it was decided to bring together all service units, ordnance corps, medical services, the Provost Corps and electrical and mechanical engineering in the Montreal Militia to form two separate service battalions. On 1 January 1965, the 1st Montreal Service Battalion, located on Bélair Street in Montreal, and the 2nd Montreal Service Battalion, located at the armoury on St-Grégoire Street, also in Montreal, were created.

In 1972, because of a shortage of space and growing operational needs, the two units merged and moved to St-Hubert on Montreal’s South Shore. The new unit was initially called the Montreal Service Battalion. In 1975, it adopted its current name, 34 Service Battalion, received its flag during a ceremony at Valcartier, and became affiliated with the Regular Force’s 5 Service Battalion. In 1978, 34 Svc Bn’s medical company became independent, moving to Montreal two years later. In 1979, the City of Montreal granted the Battalion the right to use its crest as part of the unit badge.

Since 1990, the Battalion’s role and effectiveness have continued to grow. A number of its members participated in Operation SALON during the Oka Crisis, and the Battalion distinguished itself during the ice storm in January 1998. In 2000, 34 Service Battalion received the Freedom of the City of St-Hubert. So far, more than 100 members of the Battalion have participated in UN and NATO missions.

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