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The expertise of 35 Combat Engineer Regiment (35 CER) has served the local community on numerous occasions in cooperation with the civilian authorities. For example, the Regiment was present during the 1998 ice storm crisis and was recently involved in building a bridge in the town of «La Pocatière» to serve a bike trail.

35 Combat Engineer Regiment has existed since June 15th 1920 and is the only Reserve engineer unit in eastern Quebec. The values that have built its solid reputation are based on the spirit of comradeship, dynamism and cohesion.

35 Combat Engineer Regiment is a Canadian Forces Reserve combat engineer unit with an authorized strength of 250 people. It has a staff and three squadrons: 10 Field Squadron, 15 Field Squadron and the Admin Squadron. 10 Field Squadron consists of field troops carrying out operational missions. 15 Field Squadron is responsible for training recruits and officer cadets, and the Admin Squadron provides logistical support to 35 CER.

Our History

10 Engineer Squadron came into existence on June 15, 1920 and took part in both world wars. After World War II, there came a reorganization and 10 Engineer Squadron was recreated on January 2, 1947.

The new Engineering crest was promulgated in the fall of 1974. The emblem features a beaver, which has historically symbolized hard work, an appropriate characteristic for Canadian Military Engineering. The cap badge also features the name of the corps in both official languages. In the fall of 1975, the unit became the 10th Field Engineer Squadron. This new name better reflected the realities of the squadron's work in the field. Under Major Denis Thébeau’s leadership, the unit went from being a squadron to being a regiment on November 23, 2006 and took the name of 35 Combat Engineer Regiment.


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35 Combat Engineer Regiment
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