38 Canadian Brigade Group History

38 CBG originated with the formation of the first western Military District in 1870, when Manitoba entered Confederation as a province. In remembering the past, 38 CBG units carry the honour of having received a total of ten Victoria Crosses awarded to its soldiers during times of war.

Today’s recent history has the brigade reforming. 38 Canadian Brigade Group (38 CBG) was established on April 1,1997 after the amalgamation of the previous two districts—Manitoba Lakehead District and Saskatchewan District. 38 CBG comprises a Headquarters, located in Winnipeg, and 13 Army Reserve units distributed throughout Northwestern Ontario, Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

Today, soldiers from 38 CBG are actively involved in their role as Canada’s citizen soldiers. Soldiers from v are actively involved in their role as Canada’s citizen soldiers. Many proudly served during the Afghanistan War from 2001 to 2012.  The Brigade lost many former members where they started their military lives as young reservists - as well as one serving member in 2006 - Corporal Anthony Boneca of the Lake Superior Scottish Regiment.

Members have proudly served in domestic operation roles such as:

  • Operation ASSISTANCE (1997 Manitoba Floods)
  • Operation MANDOLIN (1999 Pan Am Games in Winnipeg)
  • Operation ABACUS (Year 2000 computer threat)
  • Operation GRIZZLY (G 7 Summit 2002)
  • Operation PEREGRINE (2003 British Columbia Forest Fire Emergency)
  • Operation LUSTRE (2011 Manitoba Floods)
  • Operation Lentus 2014 (Manitoba Floods)
  • Operation Lentus 2015 (Saskatchewan wild fires). 
  • As well, 38 CBG Reservists continue to dedicate themselves to ongoing peacemaking/peacekeeping missions including:
    Operation ATTENTION (NATO – Afghanistan Training Mission)
  • Operation SOPRANO (UN – In support of Independence in South Sudan)
  • Operation HUB (NATO – Kuwait Support to Afghanistan Training Mission).

Beyond the borders of the Army, and into their communities, soldiers from every 38 CBG unit support more than 20 separate charities within their respective towns and cities. The Children’s Hospital Foundation (Winnipeg), Sunshine Foundation (Thunder Bay) and the Children’s Health Foundation (Regina) are a few organizations that have benefited from the selfless dedication of the men and women who proudly wear a uniform.

38 Canadian Brigade Group

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