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An infantry regiment within the Army Reserve, The Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada form part of the combat arms capability of 38 Canadian Brigade Group.  Organized with a Battalion Headquarters (Command elements), Headquarters Company (comprised of the Pipes & Drums, Regimental Stores and the Regimental Museum), and a Rifle Company (A Company), the Camerons fulfill both military and ceremonial functions at home and abroad. 

As an infantry regiment, the unit’s main focus is provide trained infantry soldiers to meet the operational requirements of the Canadian Forces.  Whether it is augmenting Regular Force units on overseas operations such as Bosnia or Afghanistan or fighting floods and forest fires at home, the Camerons provide a ready source of trained soldiers.   

Since spring 2005, Queen’s Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada and Royal Winnipeg Rifles have been grouped together as 38 Canadian Brigade Group's (38 CBG) Winnipeg Infantry Tactical Group (WITG).

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We train on Tuesday evenings, 7 - 10 pm. The Army Reserve is the part-time component of the Canadian Army. Most Army reservists work part-time for the Army and full-time at their civilian job. Others are full or part-time students. The Army Reserve has three main roles:

  • Provide the framework for mobilization or expansion by using existing Reserve units framework should the nation ever need to respond to a large crisis or an emergency
  • Connect with Canadians by strengthening the ties the Canadian Army Reserve has with local communities
  • Augment the full-time Army by providing soldiers, units or specialists.

The Army Reserve is progressively more active than it has been in years with an increased operational role in the Canadian contribution towards the maintenance of peace and stability in the world.

To apply you must meet the following basic eligibility requirements:

  • Canadian Citizen 16 years of age (with parental consent)
  • Minimum Grade 10 education (or higher depending on entry plan)

For more information call 204-720-6825 or email 38 CBG recruiting.

For information about the Canadian Armed Forces or to apply online visit FORCES.CA.

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Command Team

  • Commanding Officer - Lieutenant-Colonel David Fraser
  • Regimental Sergeant-Major - Chief Warrant Officer H.J. Seggie

Honorary Colonel

Honorary Colonel R.H. Vandewater

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel

Honorary Lieutenant-Colonel N.R. Logan


During the 1970s Camerons served with the Canadian NATO Component in Germany and as Canadian contingents on UN Peacekeeping duties in places such as Egypt, the Golan Heights and Cyprus. In the 1990s soldiers from the regiment participated in OPERATION HARMONY in 1992 in Croatia as well as providing a steady stream of personnel to Regular Force units deploying on other operations.

1994 and 1995 were the years for big parades. The regiment participated in the Freedom of the City parade marking the 50th anniversary of the D Day invasion and the Freedom of the City parade marking the 50th Anniversary of VE Day. In 1997, the Regiment was at ground zero for the "Flood of the Century". The Camerons spent the spring sandbagging and building dykes throughout Southern Manitoba.

History: The Queen's Own Cameron Highlander of Canada history.


C7, C9, C6, M203, M72, 60mm Mortar, 84mm Recoilless rifle (Carl Gustav). For information about the vehicles and weapons used by the Canadian Army visit our Equipment page.

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Queen's Own Cameron Highlanders of Canada
Minto Armoury
969 St. Matthews Ave
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3J 0J7

204-786-4300 ext 430

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