The Governor General's Horse Guards

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"Second to none"

Who We Are

The Governor General's Horse Guards is an Armoured Reconnaissance Regiment located at The LCol George Taylor Denison III Armoury in Toronto. The Regiment is part of 32 Canadian Brigade Group, a Primary Reserve formation of the Canadian Army.

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Phone: 416-633-6200 ext 4336

Unit Parade Night: Tuesday evenings 7:00 p.m. - 10:00 p.m.

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Command Team

Commander: Lieutenant-Colonel Scott M. Duncan, CD
Sergeant Major: Chief Warrant Officer Dave W. Munroe, CD

Our History

The Governor General's Horse Guards is a reserve regiment of volunteer citizen soldiers whose illustrious history dates from 1822 when Capt. G.T. Denison formed a Troop of Dragoons for a local militia infantry battalion. The Denison family, from the town of Weston, commanded and financed the Troop for many generations. In 1839, the Troop became independent of its parent infantry battalion and was named the Governor General's Body Guard (GGBG) in 1866. George Taylor Denison III expanded the Troop to a Squadron in 1876 and to a Regiment in 1889. Canada's oldest cavalry troop, the Markham (Button's) Troop, formed in 1810, was one of the troops amalgamated into the Body Guard to form the Regiment. Today the Regiment proudly perpetuates the history of Button's Troop that had served so well in General Brock's Army during the War of 1812.

The Governor General's Body Guard served in most of the major Canadian conflict of the 19th entury. Both Denison's Troop and Button's Troop were on active service during the 1837 Rebellion and re-titled the Queen's Light Dragoons for their good service. Denison's troop of some sixty volunteers continued to parade during the 1840's and 1850's maintaining an unbroken lineage. In 1866, the troop mobilized to defend Canada from the American Irish Republican Army during the Fenian Raids. The Troop, acting as the advance guard for the Canadian Brigade, chased the Fenian Army from the Niagara Frontier and the town of Fort Erie taking many prisoners. The GGBG, as a Squadron, served as rear area security in the Riel Rebellion which earned their first battle honour; The Northwest Rebellion 1885. During the Boer War, (1899) the GGBG supplied volunteers to the Canadian Contingent where one of its members, Capt H.Z.C. Cockburn, earned the Victoria Cross and three others Mentioned in Dispatches.

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Contact Us

The Governor General's Horse Guards
The LCol George Taylor Denison III Armoury
1 Yukon Lane
Toronto, ON M3K 0A1

Telephone: 416-633-6200 ext 2893

Hours of Operations: Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.

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