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Article / April 27, 2016 / Project number: c-ar-0427-ruckingbear

Exercise RUCKING BEAR took place 15 April and saw the soldiers of 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group complete the 20+ km ruck march through the Petawawa training area.

            The Canadian Army Battle Fitness Standard for a forced march is 13 km.  Why would 2 CMBG then strive for 20 km?  During the recent period of reconstitution, this brigade has made consistent efforts to foster a sense of resilience throughout all ranks within this formation.  And as we as a brigade prepare for the road to high readiness in July, preparing to assume that mantle of high readiness in 2017, 2 CMBG will continue to leverage brigade-wide military challenges to cultivate the physical skills and mental mindset expected of a Canadian soldier.  

            21 years have passed since a ministerial order disbanded the Special Service Force (SSF) into the present day incarnation of this mechanized brigade group.  The heritage left by the SSF, however, can still be keenly felt in Petawawa.  The 2 CMBG motto is “AUDACIA ET FORTITUDO” meaning: “Strength and Courage”.  It is this spirit that pushes us to challenge ourselves in developing mental toughness and physical endurance.

            Exercise RUCKING BEAR also served to promote unit and brigade cohesion and esprit de corps as units not only tackled this challenge together but held BBQs after the march.  The weather on the day of the march was sunny and cool, and morale throughout the ranks was high, even in spite of pre-workout induced gastronomical chaos.

By Lieutenant Dan Mazurek, 2 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group Public Affairs

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