Collective Training weekend number five

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Article / February 19, 2016

These are better than my mom’s cookies!” 

After a long trek through the snow of St. Charles Range on snowshoes, while dragging toboggan groups, members of 38 Service Battalion (38 Svc Bn) were grateful for the food provided in their individual meal packs (IMPs), with part of the dessert drawing the praise of at least one junior officer.

The troops of Winnipeg’s 17 Service Company (17 Svc Coy) had set up their ten-man tents in the first of several “pole up, pole down” efforts they conducted throughout the day and night.  The stop for lunch followed the first of several moves planned over the course of Collective Training weekend number five (CT 5).

 “It’s good that we’re getting some of the younger members out and getting them to act in leadership roles,”  said Corporal Devon Mallett. Non-commissioned members (NCMs) were tasked with navigating the path 17 Svc Coy took on each move, and others were tasked with overseeing the raising and lowering of each tent group. Classes on improvised shelters and offensive and defensive operations were scheduled for later in the weekend.

Members of 17 Field Ambulance (17 Fd Amb) were at St. Charles Range during CT 5, tasked with learning how to set up and operate the Arctic Oven, a vital piece of kit on cold weather and Arctic exercises.

 “You cannot overstate the importance of the Arctic Oven on an arctic exercise, when the cause of most casualties is environmental,”  said Lieutenant Steven Hunt of 17 Fd Amb.

The Arctic Oven uses a diesel burning stove to provide much needed heat to those suffering from frostbite, or for anybody who falls through ice. Temperatures in the tent can get over 20 degrees Celsius even with very cold conditions.

 “On the last winter exercise we did, it was -35 outside and we were sitting in here wearing t-shirts,”  said Sergeant Calin Ritchie. The tent will be brought on Ex ARCTIC RAM in Nunavut in mid-February.

Also conducting exercises during CT 5 were the Fort Garry Horse and 1 Signals Squadron of the 38 Signal Regiment at Birds Hill Provincial Park. The 38 Combat Engineers Regiment deployed to Nopiming Provincial Park, and the Winnipeg Infantry Tactical Group to CFB Shilo.

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