41 CER Soldiers Showcase Demolition Skills During Ex ROARING SAPPER

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Article / January 6, 2017

By: Capt Derrick Forsythe, 41 CBG Public Affairs

Realistic, progressive training was the focus for 41 Combat Engineer Regiment (41 CER) as soldiers from Edmonton and Calgary deployed to the Wainwright Training Area for Exercise (Ex) ROARING SAPPER October 21-23.

The weekend training consisted of three distinct tasks designed to confirm Battle Task Standards at the section and troop level.

 “This is our first time in the field for this training year,” said Sergeant Terry Stratton, Troop Commander for the Exercise.  “This weekend will give us a pretty good read on where we are as a unit. We’ll take what we learn this weekend and build the lessons learned into our training plans back at the unit.” 

The scenario for Ex ROARING SAPPER included three specific tasks for the engineers:

  • clearing concrete obstacles from a main supply route using C4 explosives,
  • deploying Bangalore torpedoes to remove wire obstacles during daylight hours, and finally,
  • a night-time task of deploying C4 explosives to “cut steel” on a section of bridging in order to render the structure impassable, denying the enemy use of the crossing; and all of it done within a tactical scenario.

 “We’ve packed a lot of elements into this weekend, including the addition of an enemy force to inject more realism into the training, ” said Captain Dave Larrett, the Regular Force Combat Engineer Officer posted to 41 CER to provide support to the unit.  “This requires soldiers make sure they’re ready tactically and technically to complete the task. It also enables us to better exercise our junior leadership.”

41 Combat Engineer Regiment has field squadrons in Edmonton and Calgary and provides engineer support to 41 Canadian Brigade Group, Alberta’s Army Reserve.

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