Learning to treat the Wounded in Collective Training

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Article / April 6, 2016

Ahh, I got shot in the arm!”” 

These are not words you want to hear, but luckily for Private Braedan Peters of 17 Field Ambulance, it was part of a simulated casualty evacuation scenario during Collective Training weekend number six. The exercise ran from March 18-20, featuring combined arms training and advance to contact scenarios, with the Winnipeg Infantry Tactical Group (WITG) taking the lead for the exercise.

Members of 31 Engineer Squadron (31 ES) of 38 Combat Engineer Regiment (38 CER) used heavy equipment to dig foxholes, allowing the member of the WITG to be fully dug in by the time the enemy force began attacking them on Saturday morning.

Private Peters was “wounded” during an attack on the Saturday afternoon, with the benefit of moulage to make his “injury” appear lifelike. Corporal Jeremiah Sinclair of 17 Field Ambulance was tasked with providing aid for his fellow medic, while members of the WITG provided aid and surrounding security. Once Private Peters was bandaged up by Corporal Sinclair, he was stretchered further back from the line to await transport

 “You learn quite a lot when you’re the victim,”  said Private Peters.   “It allows you the time to think about what’s going on, and what steps need to be taken in treatment.”   “The field is much better than when you’re in a clinical setting,”  said Corporal Sinclair.   “I ended up utilizing members of the infantry, and employing them so that I could better carry out the task.” 

Sergeant Calin Ritchie discussed how moulage enhances the training experience for new medics.

 “One of the biggest benefits of moulage is the realism it provides to a scenario,”  said SergeantRitchie.  “It’s great to apply the moulage, and then say to the medics treating the victim ‘treat their injuries as you find them’” 

In the end, Private Peters ended up pulling through. His wound healed as fast as he was able to wash it off and the members of 17 Field Ambulance learned from the scenario.

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