The Royal Canadian Artillery Band

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Quo fas et gloria ducunt

The Royal Canadian Artillery Band provides music for military parades and ceremonial occasions, formal concerts, government functions, tattoos, and special events. The RCA Band performs as a 35 piece Brass / Reed Parade Band, a 35-piece Concert Band, as well as in various smaller configurations:

  • Jazz Big Band: The Rhythm Gunners
  • 10 Piece Ensemble: The Windage Salon Orchestra
  • The Pop/Rock Band: Soul Orchestra
  • The Small Jazz Ensembles: Jazz Task Force

Chamber groups:

  • The Woodwind Quintet
  • The Brass Quintet

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The historical roots of The Royal Canadian Artillery Band (RCA) you see today are traced primarily from The RCA Band formed in Montreal in 1968. The complete history, however, dates much further back, as there were many artillery bands existing simultaneously from as early as 1879.

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