Canadian Army Reserve

 The Army Reserve is a part-time, fully integrated component of the Canadian Army.

The primary role of the Reserve Force is to augment, sustain, and support the Regular Force. In recent years, Reservists have made substantial contributions to Canada's expeditionary (international) and/or domestic operations.

Many Reservists serve full-time within the Canadian Armed Forces on employment contracts. Since the year 2000, more than 4000 Primary Reservists have been deployed in Canadian Armed Forces operations in Afghanistan, Haiti, and other international expeditionary operations.

Among the many ways that Reservists have participated in domestic operations, they have:

  • assisted with the unprecedented fire threat in Saskatchewan 2015;
  • supported the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver;
  • assisted with flood relief efforts in Quebec and Manitoba;
  • participated in recovery efforts following ice storms in eastern Canada;
  • fought forest fires in Saskatchewan, Alberta and British Columbia; and
  • assisted with hurricane relief efforts in Newfoundland and Labrador.

In addition, Reservists often help at or participate in cultural events, parades, festivals and other public events in their own and neighbouring communities across Canada.

Many Reservists have full-time careers outside the Canadian Armed Forces in a wide range of civilian occupations. Others are full-time students.

Find a Unit Near You

Reserve units are located in more than 100 communities across the country.

To join the Reserve, start by dropping by the local armoury in your community or region. If you are looking for a particular trade, you must join a unit that offers that type of work.

Browse the list below for units near you.

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