The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal)

Unit Identification

Royal Canadian Hussars Badge

“Not for ourselves but for our country” 

Who We Are

The Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) or RCH is an armoured reconnaissance regiment belonging to the 34 Brigade Group of Canada. The regiment participates in training exercises throughout the year. Several volunteers took part in overseas operations with NATO and the UN. The most recent example would be Op ATTENTION and Op ATHENA in Afghanistan. In addition, volunteers participated in domestic operations such as the Ice Strom in 1998 and during the floods in 2011 in the Quebec Eastern Townships.

Our History

The official history of the Royal Canadian Hussars (Montreal) can be found at the Directorate of History and Heritage website.


For information about the vehicles and weapons used by the Canadian Army visit our Equipment page.

Contact Us

4185 Côte-des-Neiges
Montreal, QC, H3H-1X2

Phone: 514-496-2024

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